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Clarify your organisation's message with your church brand identity and build future success with your church brand.

Your church brand represents who you are as individuals and as a congregation; it gives insight to your community on who you are and what you stand for. Branding your church is not solely about a pretty logo or fancy tagline but how your church operates, both internally and externally. And to ensure your church and community understand who you are, the experts at our church branding agency, Plain Vision, will work closely with you to devise a church brand identity that gives real purpose and value to your organisation.

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Branding for Churches

Connect with people in your community with your church brand.

Building your church brand and it’s desired church brand identity is arguably the most crucial asset of your organisation. When done correctly, it can create a healthy and positive perception, encourage growth and spread awareness to your community. However, if not done correctly, it can leave those around you feeling confused and unsure about who your church is in your community.


Whether your current church brand, identity or logo design needs a refresh or you are launching a new church, we are here to help. With a strategic approach, we will help you develop your church brand identity accurately to represent who you are as an organisation and how you wish to be perceived. We strive to create a church brand identity that will resonate with your community, tell your story and communicate your organisation’s values.

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Church Logo Design and Church Branding Features

We’ll tailor a church branding and logo design package to suit your organisation’s needs, providing you with some or all of the following.

Church Logo Design

An integral part of your church brand. The logo is a visual mark or icon that identifies your church brand in its simplest form. It is crucial if you want to be recognised and remembered.

Colour Palette

A foundational element of any brand identity. We carefully select colours that help convey your message and cultivate an emotional connection with your community.


We strategically work with you to devise the most effective way to convey your message to your community and how to maintain a consistent brand voice in all of your marketing efforts.

Brand Heart

We'll work through the heart of your brand. The why, the what, the how; establishing a set of core principles that will influence everything you do as an organisation.

Church Brand Guidelines

We take time in developing your church brand guidelines, to assure that your brand image stays memorable and consistent no matter where it appears.

Marketing Collateral

We will use your newly developed church brand guidelines to create organisation's collateral and signage, all aligning to keep a consistent theme.

How we brand your church

Our church branding process.

Aiming to give your church an identity that is memorable, trustworthy and able to reach your community, we communicate with you at each step of the process to ensure that the final product represents your organisation’s values and goals.

01 - Discovery

During the discovery phase, we start to gather information and get to know your church, community, and all of your existing branding and design needs.

02 – Brand Strategy

While the research phase is about investigation, this step focuses on understanding who you are. We identify your mission and vision for your church organisation and gain a clear direction on how to grow.

03 – Brand Design

Using the foundation set in the brand strategy, we will create your brand identity that resonates with your congregation, tells your story and communicates your brand values.

04 – Launch

The launch stage is when your new brand is revealed to the world. We will provide you with detailed guidelines on how to maintain and keep your brand consistent.

Customers reviews

What our clients say about us?

Plain Vision Agency truly delivered an excellent service. Working with Addan was brilliant. He was focused, creative and paid excellent attention to detail throughout the process. Very professional and speedy delivery done with diligence and care.
Ikesha Avo


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Branding Services for Churches

Church Logo Design

The cornerstone of your church brand is your logo. It’s potentially the first contact your community will have with your brand, which is why it is crucial to get it right. At Plain Vision, we design bespoke logos that aim to be distinctive and memorable.


We take simple ideas and turn them into purposeful custom church logo designs to help set your church apart. Whether you need a revised church logo to echo your organisation’s new direction or a new church logo for a church plant to reflect your desired growth, we are here to support you.

Choose the branding plan that fits your church

Reflect your church's values and message with your brand.

Bespoke Logo Design

from £ 49
  • Bespoke Responsive Logo
  • Logo Usage Guide
  • Logo Files For Digital Use
  • Logo Files For Print Use

Complete Brand Identity

from £ 159
  • 45 Minute Consultation
  • Bespoke Responsive Logo
  • Logo Usage Guide
  • Logo Files For Digital Use
  • Logo Files For Print Use
  • Custom Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 3x Branded Sign/ Graphics

Brand Strategy & Development​

from £ 599
  • 3x 60 Minute Brand Strategy Workshops​
  • Bespoke Responsive Logo
  • Logo Usage Guide
  • Logo Files For Digital Use
  • Logo Files For Print Use
  • Custom Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Brand Style Guide
  • 3x Branded Sign/ Graphics
  • Messaging Framework​
  • Ministry/ Department Logos​

Our church Branding Process

We believe that when you have a solid church brand, you strategically position your organisation to effectively convey your message to your community and expand your reach. Your brand is more than simply what we see; it provides you with a set of principles and values that can help you lead your congregation.

Simply put, branding is something that is done to give meaning. Whether for yourself, a product, service or company, it’s the process that helps give identity and alignment to your chosen audience. 

Yes, definitely! Understanding your true brand identity is what will help you connect with your audience. It’s what will help strengthen your brand value and your audiences’ perception of you. Without it or done wrong, could lead to the complete opposite.

While having a logo is great, branding is far more than your logo. To keep it short, your logo should derive from your brand, not the other way round and certainly not on its own. Your logo is quite simply the visual aspect of what your brand is.

This section is the long term plan that will ideally help identify who you, your brand is in the eyes of your consumers. During this process, we would look at areas around your brand core, brand positioning and brand persona.

This part of the process is focused on your visual elements. It would only take place once your brand strategy has been completed. We would look into areas including your brand personality such as your tone and voice as well as your logo, typography and colours. 

Still not convinced?

Get a free in-depth review of your church’s website and marketing and see how we can level up your organisation and expand your reach.

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Why Plain Vision Agency?

We are a church branding agency that cares.

There are a million and one examples we could give as to why you should work with us, but we’re sure other agencies would do the same. So, instead of listing all of the reasons, we’ll give you ONE—our customer service. From the very first meeting, we work with you, our clients, to understand what you truly want. We aim to turn your vision into a reality!

Our Latest Work

Your brand is your organisation’s foundation, and it’s our mission to help you develop a clear and exciting brand. Take a look at some of the branding projects we’ve completed, from church rebrands to personal brands.

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Church rebrand to help connect with their local community.

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A new brand for Christian nutritionist brand.

We do more than just church branding and logo designs.

While having an effective brand is a great step to ensure your organisation is effective, it is not the only step. Take a look at our other marketing services to help you level up.

Church Growth Program

Our church growth program is designed to help you build your brand foundation, establish your digital presence, and expand your reach.

Website Design for Churches

Your website is your church’s digital home address. We build engaging, responsive, user-friendly, fast, and secure websites.

Church Marketing Consultant

We offer marketing consultancy packages that are flexible to your needs and budget and get you off the ground.