Aunty Pam’s Kitchen

A new brand for a restaurant in a niche market.

Aunty Pam’s Kitchen is a family-owned Caribbean cuisine business opened by a professional chef based in Cambridge. Plain Vision Agency worked with this business to create a brand and logo design. Alongside Caribbean food, the business is also a catering service that offers homemade desserts from cupcakes and small dessert dishes to Christmas cakes and wedding cakes.

The Challenge

Currently, the market where Aunty Pam’s Kitchen sits is very competitive, with businesses selling the same type of cuisine. Although there is no defined industry leader, the business requires a change in brand look and feel to stand out from the others.

The business owner has a view to open a restaurant; however, this depends on whether they can separate themselves from the other industry businesses and see a potential need for a new restaurant.

The Outcome

To help the business stand out from the already saturated industry, Plain Vision Agency created a new brand look and feel, which still kept in line with the Caribbean theme and colours.

We continue to support the business with social consultancy, marketing design requirements and the forthcoming launch of their new website.
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