Lighthouse Fellowship

Church rebrand to help connect with their local community.

Lighthouse Fellowship is a pentecostal church based in Cambridge. To help them appeal to different demographics, we revamped the organisation’s brand by creating a more contemporary look and feel.

The Challenge

Lighthouse Fellowship was seeking a complete rebrand from their previous to help connect with a broad demographic and new Cambridge residents. To appeal to their new sought target audience, Lighthouse Fellowship required a new clean and contemporary logo design, a website and a redesign and reprint of previous church collateral.

The Outcome

Plain Vision Agency helped Lighthouse Fellowship refresh their brand by creating a new contemporary look and feel to attract new demographics. We developed a new website, enabling them to have a digital home to communicate with their existing and new audience. As the organisation already advertised their church as a family-like look, we kept this undertone feel on the website by highlighting the family-like work and activities they do. Once we launched the brand and new website, we reviewed Lighthouse Fellowship’s printed collateral and social channels – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. As the organisation continues to grow, Plain Vision Agency provides ongoing marketing consultancy.
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