Nicci Nutrition

New brand for personal nutritionist brand.

Nicci Nutrition is a personal start-up brand that encourages healthy eating habits. We created the brand’s logo and developed a social strategy.

The Challenge

Nicci Nutrition wanted to target a broad demographic on her social channels. Although she has an overall business concept, there was no brand identity or a defined marketing strategy. With plans to grow her brand identity, Nicci Nutrition required her social media to have consistency and relevant content that would appeal to her broad target audience of women.

The Outcome

Plain Vision Agency worked with Nicci Nutrition by creating a brand logo, followed by a strategy for social media which included redesigning her social channels into a consistent brand look and feel. Once we defined the brand identity and created her brand guidelines, we focused on her proposed social channels to develop a social structure to build a robust online presence. As Nicci Nutrition preferred social channel was Instagram, it was vital to create more potent imagery to connect with her ideal audience.

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